Jordi Armengol-Estapé

Professional neural network whisperer. Interested in Natural Language Processing (NLP), Artificial Intelligence (AI), High Performance Computing (HPC), Deep Learning at Scale, Machine Learning (ML) for Code and Compilers, and Transformers.

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About me

Current status: PhD student

I'm currently working on Transformers for code generation and translation as a PhD student in the University of Edinburgh.

Research and work experience

I have interned at Bloomberg LP and MILA to work on Large Language Models (LLMs) and multi-modal meta-learning, respectively. I used to work as research engineer in NLP at the Barcelona Supercomputing Center. I have leveraged HPC to train Transformer models with multiple nodes and GPUs and to clean TBs of raw text.


I have worked as a supervisor (teaching assistant) for the Computer Science undergrad courses of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning and Bayesian Inference at the University of Cambridge.


I graduated from UPC-BarcelonaTech in Computer Science at. Later on, I graduated with a Master's in AI from the same university. Currently, I'm enrolled to the informatics PhD program of the University of Edinburgh.